Episode 74 Update

Episode 74 Update

A new update is here!

Episode 74

Streamer Cameraman

This is a new exclusive unit! It can spawn drones which get stronger as you upgrade, and it can also heal stunned units.
You can place a maximum of 3 and it can be obtained from the Exclusive Shop for R$399.

Rewind Event Part 2

New Tiers - Clock Pass

Tier 40 to Tier 60 has now been unlocked in the Clock Pass! You can now earn XP in specific maps to progress to these higher tiers.

Scientist Clockman

The Mythic Scientist Clockman is now available for reaching Tier 60 in the Clock Pass!
It can create barriers, and they will get bigger & stronger as you upgrade it.
It will also give you extra money every wave, and the amount increases as you upgrade it!
To make it more fair, this unit cannot be sold in a match & each player can only place maximum 3 of it.

Future Crate

A new crate is now up for sale in the Clock Shop! They cost 3,000 Clocks.
Additionally, you also have 10% chance to earn a Future Crate when winning in the Time Factory map!

  • 99% - Future Large Clockman (Mythic)
  • 1% Golden Future Large Clockman (Godly)

Future Large Clockman

This unit came from the future! It can absorb 8 stuns.

It has a Lightning Punch ability where it teleports to the enemy, dealing damage and slowing it with lightning. There is a 2% chance where the lightning punch will become green which will damage all the enemies near it with higher damage!

Additionally, it also has a Lightning Time Stop ability which can pause time for 10 seconds while striking them with lightning, dealing a massive damage towards every toilet!

There is also a Golden Version of it, which can absorb 12 stuns and is a lot stronger!


Shadow TV Man (EP 71 Part 1)

The Shadow TV Man is a new Mythic unit! Equipped with a Purple TV that delivers AOE damage, it also features two arm blades. You can obtain this new unit through Summon.

Engineer Cameraman Buff

The Engineer Cameraman has now been buffed! At max level, the spawned troops will now have 20% more HP, and the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabling Tank now has 2x more DPS!

Small Changes

  • Fixed Clock Spider (Gun Effects & Damage)
  • Fixed Classic Cameraman still having effects with Low GFX enabled
  • Fixed Classic Cameraman still having sounds with SFX disabled
  • Fixed new units having effects with Low GFX enabled
  • Added new spam & scam filter for chat
  • Nerfed Endless Waves

Hope you enjoy this update!

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