Roblox Classic Update

Roblox Classic Update

A new update is here!

Roblox Classic Event

A new event is here! There are 15 badges available to collect.
This event will end on . (This is in your timezone)

Tix Hunt

10 Tix has been scattered around the lobby... Will you be able to find them all?
Each Tix rewards a badge which will help you unlock rewards in the Roblox Classic Lobby, happy hunting!

Classic Quests

There is a new button on the right of your screen! It will show you 5 quests which will each award you a badge.
They can also help you unlock rewards in the Roblox Classic Lobby.


A new limited time map has appeared next to Endless Ranks!
Play in the map to complete the quests.
You might also meet a secret guest...

Classic Cameraman

This unit has access to 4 of the classic weapons, and it will use more powerful ones as you level it up!
You can get it from finishing 4 of the 5 quests.

Hope you enjoy this update!

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